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Although Einstein claimed that the method in his dissertation is the first to use phenom- ena in fluids in the determination of molecular dimensions,[lo] the behavior of liquids plays a.

"A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions" (Einstein's doctoral dissertation) (30 April ) Buchdruckerei K. J. Wyss, Bern, Also: Annalen der Physik, 19(), pp. This is Einstein's doctoral dissertation, submitted after much delay to the University of Zurich. The main aim of the talk is to show what exactly Einstein did in his dissertation.

As an important application of the theoretical results for the viscosity and diffusion of solutions, he got (after eliminating a calculational error) an excellent value for the Avogadro number from data for sugar dissolved in water.

3 Einstein’s dissertation By several methods for determining molecular sizes were developed. The most reliable ones were based on kinetic theory of gases.

HPS 2590 Einstein 1905

An important early example is Loschmidt’s work from The following introductory remarks in .

Dissertation albert einstein
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