George koonce dissertation

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Koonce's own struggles fuel study of ex-players

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George Koonce and the post-NFL transition

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George Koonce played professional football for a decade, the majority of those years with the Green Bay Packers, winning the Super Bowl XXXI title. May 17,  · Former N.F.L. linebacker George Koonce wrote a doctoral dissertation on the struggles of football players transitioning after their careers.

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Most of us in the upper Midwest are familiar with George Koonce, who played eight seasons as a Green Bay Packers linebacker () and has served stints in the athletic departments at Marquette.

Former NFL linebacker George Koonce recently submitted to Marquette University a doctoral dissertation on transitioning from life outside the game.

This column represents his personal experience, as told to NFC West blogger Mike Sando.

George koonce dissertation
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Former NFL Player Writes Dissertation On Football 'Afterlife' | Here & Now