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This is the 27th year of the Switzer Environmental Fellowship Program of the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation. Fellowships are merit-based and rigorously competitive. Candidates must be recognized for their leadership capacity by their academic institution or by environmental experts.

These research grants and fellowships are designed to assist students performing dissertation research. They vary widely in eligibility conditions, application requirements and types of research sponsored. Applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully read program details and to work closely with their advisors throughout the proposal writing phase of their application.

Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation Fellowship Program The Switzer Fellowship Program offers one-year Fellowships to highly talented graduate students in New England and California whose studies and career goals are directed toward environmental improvement and who clearly demonstrate leadership in their field.

The Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation is a results-driven family foundation that invests in individuals and organizations that drive positive environmental change. But & family, so sorry for your loss, pattieBell was such a sweet lady, she will be missed.

Switzer Fellowship Program The Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation offers up to 20 California and New England graduate students yearlong fellowships to support environmental improvement. Fellowships are offered for graduate studies directed toward improving environmental quality: 10 in California and 10 in New England.

Robert patricia switzer dissertation fellowship
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